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Yo, here we are one again
JYP, 2PM, stronger than ever !

This is Nickhun
Junsu right here
and this is Taec

And we’re 2PM
And we’re never going down

Momeh sangcheoga hana dool neuleona
*The wounds of my body increase one by one*

gasumen dooryeowoomeun jaggu jarana
*The fear within my heart just keep on growning*

Eeje noonapeh gojineun boineundeh
*I see the notice in front of my eyes*

cheryeokeun jogeumsshik jeomjeom badakina
*but my strength hit the floor*

Eereul ggwak mooleo eoddeohge yeogiggaji
wattneundeuh naega mooneojil soonaeun eobji
*I clench my teeth, I can’t break now*

Nareul mooleo ddeudeodo naneun wooseo somahneun
*Even if you tear me apart I will smile*

sangcheodeul gaseum soke geunyang moodeo gaja
*I will bury countless wounds inside my heart*

Yeogiseo pogihayeon andwae (I can’t give up)
*I can’t give up here (I can’t give up)*

nae boljagook jiweojimyeon andwae

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